Advance operability with the usage of artifical intelligence and the blockchain.

Threat Mitigation through the Blockchain

Keeping enterprises safe from an imminent threat.
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Why choose us?

We are developing a private blockchain that attributes to the concept of security. A ledger revolved around a protocol that is accompanied by artificial intelligence in order to combat threats.

Our protocol Mirai allows functionality and validation of broadcasts, node transmissions and local operations within the host and the client acting as a validator and structure for our main components.

We are planning to establish a private vault, where DAO & DeFi corporations will be able to store sensitive data such as private keys or sensitive libraries with us in order to constitute a secure and decentralized vault backed by our cryptographic algorithms and aggregators.

Our client feedback

One of our primary clients Bonfire with over 324,826 holders who consider us a reputable and trusted firm have had their smart contracts audited by Metapulse, here is what they have to say about our final product report.

Jordy Sassen (Founder of Bonfire Group BV): The report is very clear and understandable! A Great step towards building trust being thoroughly fast and accurate. Thank you Metapulse


Our story

The founder of Metapulse who in the past has delivered security exploits for huge corporations and agencies across the globe such as Twitter and the U.S. Department of Defense, started the company in order to initiate a diverse and efficient model against digital threats with his experience and passion for complex and nebulous security threats, decentralization, and cryptography, he was able to leverage and elaborate on his vision towards securing the digital world.

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Dr. Van Niff

Head of Cyber Intelligence


Director of Threat Analysis


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Keep your Smart Contracts safe

Security is key, which is why we provide advanced audits that cover threat analysis, diverse exploits, high-risk vulnerability assessment and the focus on complex vulnerabilities or arbitrary code that can modify the application's overall behavior.

For smaller networks, we currently support on-chain analysis where transactions are synced with our algorithm that explores each transaction and its behavior, if the algorithm does flag a potential risk, our operators are notified and an investigation starts, at the moment Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, and Polygon is supported.


We believe in the security against Ransomware

Ransomware being a growing threat everyday, has left corporations stranded, with the inaccessability of their data, forcing them to shut down their operations temporarily for long periods of time. We believe in the idea of security overall, and the necessary approach that had to be taken in order to better serve corporations with protection against ransomware.


Threat Detection

With the progression of Metapulse, we continue testing against new variants and exploring impact against sophisticated ransomware.


Provide A Safe Environment

We believe in the idea of a safe environment for corporations, we want operators to establish a sense of safety and reliance with our vision towards their enterprise, which is why we are aiming to be a leading factor in the world of digital security.

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